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Trying something new here…

Like many designers, I’m a sucker for “bundles” – quite often I can snap up a large quantity of WordPress themes, Illustrator assets, Photoshop add ons, etc, for the same price as 1 Premium WordPress theme.  This means everybody wins. Because I obtain many assets, I pass on a significant discount to the client I purchased the bundle to get the theme for, and afterwards I’ve got an arsenal of essentially free elements to use.

So, with that said, what I’d like to try and offer today, and for the next couple of weeks is what I like to call a “Starter branding” sale.  Here’s how it works: Take a look at the elements below, and if something grabs your interest, either as a basic customization, or simply as a starting point for more complex branding, please contact me and I’ll give you an unbelievable price on your start-up brand.  (I’d give prices here, but I don’t want to be accused of being a “hack” by snotty designers, and hey “cheap” is what you read on sites like 99 Designs and that sort of garbage based contest site!)

The Assets:


Click Image for Source of this Bundle (Now Expired)

Click Image for Source of this Bundle (Now Expired)

All of the above resources were part of the Deallotto “Retro Design Essentials Bundle” – feel free to nose around and yes, I realize some of these resources are very low cost on their own. I guess what it boils down to is this:  do you have a copy of Photoshop/ Illustrator to alter the files? And even if you *cough* got a copy from someone, is it worth your time to mess with the files until your’e happy?  Or…. Perhaps you talk to me, tell me your vision and we’ll come to both a price and “Starter brand” that everyone’s happy with.

“Starter Branding” 101

I keep referring to “Starter Branding” – here’s what I mean by that. Every business should have an identifiable brand.  Now, here’s the interesting part – does that brand have to remain static for decades? Heck no – look at even some of the biggest companies out there and how many times they have altered their brand to better identify with their customer base.  As an independent operator myself, and start-up blogger, I realize the need for a cohesive “mark” that resonates both with the content of the site, but also with the websites readership or customer base (change as required). So lets say you pay $100 for that starter branding (Not an actual cost, just the first random number out of my head.) – let’s break that down. Your audience identifies with your identity, the brand lasts you a year or so, before you start to feel you’re outgrowing it. So, bottom line – that branding has cost you under a buck a day. Meanwhile, your blog has grown, you’re making a little in advertising revenue, maybe even in some merch sales if you’re smart. Or your product has really taken off, you’re selling like hot cupcakes!  That “starter brand” really worked for you and paid for itself huh?

At which point you hire a designer, heck, lets be crazy here, maybe you even come back to me… At this point we get more in depth about where your blog/website/company has traveled from and where you see it heading in the future. We do a more detailed brand analysis and come up with an even stronger brand that takes you to the next level.  All going well, that next level branding lasts the test of time for many years.  Looking back, you shelled out a little cash at the start-up phase for branding that got you off the ground and got you off the ground in a stylish manner.  Does that make sense to anyone else except me?

The Fine print:

Let’s just be honest here, if you’re a funded startup, established company or suchlike, looking to get cheap design work done and save a few sheckles by exploiting low cost design … move along!  I respectfully recommend if you think i’m doing this just to let you save money for your own pocket, that you go hire some muppet from any of 100 crowdsourcing sites… 😉

BUT, that said, if you’re a new blogger, a 1 man crafter, company, writer, creator, artist, author, musician, chef, etc and see the need for a brand, but don’t really have a ton of cash lying around right now- hey, you found me  – lets talk!

There’s a contact form on the website, and if you need some proof that I know a good font from bad and how to make a color scheme that works for you, you can always check out the “Works” section of the site. Even the “Starter branding” i’ve produced in the past has come with a style guide.  Call me old fashioned, but i’m one of those people that thinks if you’ve gone to the effort to create a brand statement, it should never be squished, wrongly colored or the type replaced with comic sans  -so to make your life simpler, I provide all the relevant information that makes up the pixels within your brand for you. And if you need that brand to have a type style to use on your new website, i’ll work with you on that too – always nice to have those H tags on the site looking cohesive throughout!

Well, i’ve put it out there, hopefully what i’ve written about makes some sense to you.  Hopefully i’m not going to have the comments section of this article full of uppity snotty designers saying how i’m “cheapening the profession” and such crap. And lastly, hopefully i’ll be hearing from some of you out there soon to perhaps get the ball rolling on some darn fine “starter branding” that both you and I can be mighty proud to see in daily use!

 If this idea is successful, I also have a stack of WordPress themes I’d be happy to offer a similar deal for  -install, setup the pages for you, add your branding, set the typography just right, etc etc… I’ll create a roundup of the sites and themes I own licenses for and post them in the near future, but if you like the way i’m offering this, again, feel free to drop me a line and i’ll let you know. Same deal, I bought a bundle, used 1 theme, the client got a great reduction on their theme and now i’m happy to pass more savings on to you…продвижениепрограмма для взлома вай фай сетичехол на айфон 5s


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    @candra – before SPAMMING people’s blog, please learn to spell. Then, by all means come back and try to sell me some snake oil that will end up getting me in trouble for content scraping, or even duplicate content penalties.

    You have a wonderful day ripping people off now. (Oh, and I took your email and website out of the comment 😉

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