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Happy New Year!

Happy new year Unkilted fans, friends, family and followers…

It’s been a while since I did anything with this site. Hey, i’m cool with that – i was in a weird place last year, it happens.  Long story short – i’m now only doing a little freelance work, and have a pretty fun part time job going on.  So that leaves me in a better place to just have fun with this site.

There may be the occasional design related post, because as much as I don’t work in that sphere so much these days, it’s something you can’t switch off, nor would I want to. I’m creative, and life without that creative spark would be one hell of a boring place.  I’m hoping to post a lot more about the things i’m “into” – music, the great, and not so great, outdoors, creativity, crafting/woodworking, photography and probably the occasional rant.

As much as anything, now UNkilted has become my playground, and my journal. The hope here is to post at least once a week, perhaps more. Sometimes it’ll be something you dig, sometimes it wont, hey it’s ll good – i’m not on here trying to be “Internet Famous.”

On the front of my other Internet properties, I’ve been too busy getting my head into this new work schedule, that I’ve just not had the time to devote to COLOFRESH, but rest assured there will be some good things coming on that site very soon, and some new designs on the merch store attached to it.  The goal with COLOFRESH is twofold:

1: To build, slowly buy surely, a Colorado “Lifestyle” blog about “fresh” Colorado food, drink, hiking, snowshoeing and adventures in the sate.

2: To be completely transparent i’d like to build the merch. side of things into a recognized Colorado “lifestyle” brand – to the point that perhaps I can partner with a local printer to handle print and fulfillment, and be able to offer even better pricing to everyone.

The other thing floating in my mind is how I can return “Kilted Chaos” to prominence, but definitely not as a marketing agency. that’s dead and gone and will remain so. I have a couple of ideas – but one’s pretty damn douchey and hipster whenever i think about it – i’ll keep toying with the idea and write up a blog post to see what you good people think.

The easier option, but again it comes down to time, between my two jobs, improving Colofresh, and enjoying quality time with my family, is to turn Kilted Chaos into a Scottish blog for Expats, 2nd gen scots and wannabes – Scottish music, news, culture, etc – so that’s an option.

Anyway, that’s my general rambling plan for the year Internet wise laid out for all to see, and for me to refer to as a yardstick for the year.  Next up i’ll be posting a “bucket list” post of things I want to personally try, do  ore of, or improve at over the coming year.



Brand Makeover Concept

Recently, I replied to a call for help from a Marketing Startup looking for a website over on Craigslist.  Craigslist being Craigslist, etc – I didn’t land the gig – but hey, that’s ok – you win some you lose some eh.  But – when I saw the existing logo  – it inspired me to take it and make a “What if” Makeover concept.  I’m going to try and walk you through my though process on this one: